Jaded began one day in early February 2015 in Ft. Lauderdale Florida as a bright idea by Guitarist Pete Lauria (Brad Whitford) after noticing that his MAINSTREET BAND singer and fellow transplanted Bostonian Tommy Braga really loved imitating Steven Tyler during their shows. Pete enlisted John Aubrey, a former Guitarist from the WONDERBREAD BAND and THE ADEQUATES to be our Joe Perry. A close friend recommended Tom Gress, who took on the part of Joey Kramer on Drums and he brought along a former student Chad Mason to play Tom Hamilton (Bass). With the line up set, the band quickly devised a set list that encompassed enough of the 45 year history of AEROSMITH to be representative of the actual experience of seeing the band live on any given night. Our players have, through the study of the music being reproduced, discovered a true love for this first truly American Rock and Blues answer to The British Invasion's Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, and feel that shines through in each performance. Most importantly, Jaded Aerosmith Tribute is about having a good time with good music and good friends. It's the "Toxic Twins" and company right here, right now, at a local venue near you.

Meet the Band

Tommy Braga - Steven Tyler - Lead Vocals

John Aubrey - Joe Perry - Guitar/Yells Toys..Toys

John began playing guitar in 6th grade and immediately started a band and won the school talent contest. In High School, his band The Dix used to play Rolling Stone and Lynyrd Skynyrd covers on weekends at a local bar he wasn’t old enough to be in. In the 90’s he immersed himself in the blues via Stevie Ray Vaughn. More recently, John discovered his idols Wes Montgomery and Pat Martino and began his quest to play Jazz like his heroes. His Jazz/Funk band Wonderbread played instrumental versions of popular tunes at local venues, backing the wonderful vocalist Clare Donohue or playing charts with the Doc Rogers Big Band. Then his good friend Pete Lauria invited him to play Joe Perry in Jaded, and the rest is as they say history. On days he's not gigging he can be found cruising the blue skies of South Florida in his hang-glider or 1973 Beech Bonanza.

Pete Lauria - Brad Whitford - Guitar/Background Vocals

Chad Mason - Tom Hamilton - Bass/Background Vocals

Tom Gress - Joey Kramer - Drums/Background Vocals

Todd Siff - Keyboard/Background Vocals